Spring Balancer and hanger for Portable Bag Closer

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Product Overview

Hang your portable bag closer from the ceiling - pull bag closer down to comfortable working height - it stays where you put it!!!

The MW-6.5 spring balancer, counter balances the weight of the machine so the machine is at a convenient height for the operator to grab and sew to top of the bag. The operator is not holding the full weight of the machine. Without the spring balance the machine is not always put down as gentle as it should or it is put on top of a full bag and accidentally knocked over.

The Spring Balancer is very useful for when using Fischbein,Newlong,Yamata,Ricoma,Juki, GK26-1A series portable bag closing machines. Using this helps drastically reduce the amount of energy used by the operator letting them operate faster and more efficiently. The hanger is optional but is usually needed for proper functionality as it is used to connect the machine to the Spring Balancer without getting in the operator's way.


The hanger Part # 245271 fastens underneath machine handle to keep the bag closer positioned properly (included).

The sewing machine is NOT included



(No reviews yet) Write a Review