Servo Motor Brushless Sewing Machine Needle w/ Positioner 550 Watts 110/220 V 550 Watt 3/4 Hp

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Product Overview

Industrial Sewing Machine BESTSEW B-550 Electric Servo Motor.

Energy Efficient - Saves up to 70% Electricity. 3/4HP, 550 Watts Powerful Heavy-Duty electric servo motor for any type of industrial sewing machines for light to heavy duty work including straight stitch machines, overclock, zigzag stitching machines, blind-stitch machines, heavy duty walking foot and heavy duty upholstery machines.

Servo motors use less electric than a standard clutch motors. External speed control allows you to slow down your machine. Motor is silent when pedal is not depressed.

Includes the Needle Positioner, the Synchronizer accessory, just plug and play.

Great low end torque and stable speed control

Improved low speed control

Noiseless motor operation

60% power consumption savings over standard clutch motor

Variable speed motor control and easy to adjust speed top speed control parameter

Used same mounting holes as standard clutch motor

No clutch or brake disk required, can turn machine hand-wheel easily to position needle

Switched internal in 110V standard light bulb socket

110/220 Volt, 3/4HP, 550 WATTS (BESTSEW B-550 )

Start-up at low speed

Belt guard, pulley & mounting hardware included

Adjustable belt tightener

Synchronizer included

Why direct-drive motor is preferred in industrial sewing machines?

Direct-drive motor in sewing machine has benefit compared to the conventional clutch motor machines. Some of those are as following

Less power consumption - since the Electric Servo motor transfers the motor power to the machine with no energy loss, a significant reduction in power consumption is achieved, offering remarkable economical benefits.
The motor runs without noise helping reduce operator fatigue if the machine is used for a long period of time


(No reviews yet) Write a Review