Yamata 3 Step Zig-Zag Lockstitch Reverse Industrial +Table+Motor+Assembly Required.

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Product Overview

Yamata 3 STEP HIGH-SPEED ZIGZAG SEWING MACHINE - DIY. Assembly required. NOT a walking foot machine.

New type rotary thread take-up ensure uniform thread tensions at tension settings. With the adoption of reshaped hook and thread guide which prevents flapping of thread, high quality stitches can be achieved. Off-center axis hook has been adopted which allows the hook point to catch thread loop at equidistant to left and right, thereby. It also creates nice-looking and soft stitches. Needle-to-hook adjustment has also become easier. Fine adjustment of stitch length is possible by using a knob. Visual display for stitch length with the use of an indicator.

This Yamata 457U125 Zig Zag is generally used by sail makers, dressmakers, designers, tailors, dry cleaners, costume departments, theatres, film industry, soft furnishings and curtain makers, schools and colleges.

Zig Zag (3 Step) Straight Stitch Lockstitch Metering Device Sewing Speed (3000 spm) Adjustable Stitch Length (0 - 5mm) Knee Lift Reverse/Back Tack Needle System (135x5)

It comes complete with sewing machine table, servo motor 3/4 HP, everything (drawer, belt, tools and instruction manual) brand new, packed in sealed boxes.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review