Speedway SW-820 Sewing Machine, Lockstitch, Double Needle 2.4 mm Post Bed, Roller feed.

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Speedway SW-820 Double Needle Post-bed Lockstith Machine, From medium to heavy thick materials Materials to be sewn, No. of Needle: 2, 2.4 mm (distance between needles), Max. Sewing Speed 3,000 s.p.m., Max. Stitch Length 0-4mm, Needle Bar Stroke 33.4 mm., Press Foot Lift 7.2-10mm; (FY-820 FY 820 F-Y820 Feiyue)


 Materials to be sewn: From medium to heavy thick materials.

No. of Needle: 2/ 2.4mm (distance between needles)

Max. Sewing Speed: 3,000 s.p.m.

Max. Stitch Length: 0-4mm

Needle Bar Stroke: 33.4 mm.

Press Foot Lift 7.2-10mm

Post Height: 7" (178 mm)

Application Needle: DPx5 #14 (Standard).


The machine adopts double needle and vertical rotaing hook. The operation becomes easier, thanks to the pillar-shaped sewing bed and the roller-wheeled press-foot. The machine is suitable for the sewing of leather pack and shoes, etc.

YAMATA is a subsidiary of FEIYUE. This product might be shipped with the Yamata logo or with the Feiyue Logo. Depending on availability.


 It comes complete with sewing machine table and Electronic DC Servo Motor 3/4H.P, 1 PHASE, 110 VOLT, 0 ~3300 RPM (Model SMS-550), everything (drawer, belt, led lamp, tools and instruction manual) brand new, packed in sealed boxes and never been used before. Assembly required !


You also may use this machine for one most needle operation !


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