Ikonix KSB-6-4 smart lockstitch sewing machine,trimmer,needle positioning, auto reverse, touch screen

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Product Overview

High speed direct drive, single needle lockstitch sewing machine, automatic thread trimmer, needle positioning, auto reverse, touch screen panel.

Includes stand and table. Professional assembly may required
Easily adjust the stitch length from 1 to 5 mm with a dial
Touchscreen panel
Built-in single-phase direct-drive motor (110V) is quiet and energy-efficient
Rotary knife trimmer
Backtacking and reverse functions
Auto-trim feature automatically trims your thread
Auto-sewing feature allows you to set a certain number of stitches, and the machine will stop after they are sewn
Soft start feature prevents jerking of the machine
LED light to illuminate your sewing area
Automatic foot lifter feature allows you to choose between finishing a seam with the presser foot raised above your fabric or sitting on top of your fabric
Programs to save certain stitch settings
Motor speed control
Sews at high speeds of up to 5,000 stitches per minute with steady precision
Closed oil pan structure to prevent garments from staining
Automatic lubrication system that ensures the machine is always lubricated and that maintenance is mess-free


Type of Machine: Flat-bed lockstitch
Application: Light-Medium garments
Max. Sewing Speed: 5,000 spm
Max. Stitch Length: 5 mm
Needle Bar Stroke: 31.75 mm
Thread Take-Up Stroke: 57.15 mm
Needle: DBx1 #9 to #18 or 16x257
Number of Needles: 1 (Single)
Thread: Polyester or Nylon up to #69
Hook: Rotary
Lubrication System: Automatic
Lubricating Oil: Clear sewing machine oil
Presser Foot Lift:
By hand: 5 mm
By knee: 13 mm
Feeding Mechanism: Drop feed
Feed Dog: 3
Bobbin: L bobbin
Motor: Built-in single-phase direct-drive (110V)
Machine Weight: 38 kgs
Shipping Weight: 81 Lbs.
Dimensions: 57 x 16 x 25 cm
Shipping Dimensions: 27 x 10 x 22 in
Sewing Machine Table Dimensions: 119.7 x 53.5 x 3.7 cm



(No reviews yet) Write a Review