Handheld 1.5" Rotary Fabric Shear Cloth Hexagonal Cutter Machine + Free Blade

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Product Overview

iKonix WDJ8-1 Electric Cutting Machine, Hand Held, Fabric, Cloth, Rotary Circular Knife, 1.5" Hexagon Knife


iKonix electric fabric and leather cutter is an essential sewing tool

Sewing accessory suitable for trimming cotton, wool, linen, leather, garment and fiber goods

Easy-to-use fabric cutter in hand-held and portable

Design specifically for delicate cutting, small-curvature radius curve or linear cutting

Low noise, stable running, easy to operate and high efficiency

It will cut several layers of fabric at one time

Comes with replacement blade and manual

Handle color may vary


Suitable for trimming:

• Knit

• Silk

• Cotton

• Wool

• Linen

• Leather

• Chemical fibre goods


• Neat cutting

• Small-curvature radius curvillinear cutting

• Low noise

• Stable running

• Easy to operate

• High efficiency

• Automatic knife sharpener

• Stationary carbide and counter blade

• Double insulated motor

• Grip-style switch

• Automatically stops when switch is not

• 110 Volts


Comes with 2(two) 5-sided Hexagon blade and set of motor brushes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review